Contemporary Art and Design

Grace Howl on Abstract Contemporary Art

I love contemporary design. I love abstract art. What follows is my own explanation of what contemporary abstract art means to me. I hope it helps take a little of the mystery out of abstract and you to see why contemporary abstract art is my passion.


Abstract Art takes us out of reality, which means we can’t compare it to anything in the real world.


That said, I still feel abstract art and the creation of it comes from deep within and I feel it almost creates itself. It is like a tug of war where emotions, life, circumstance, history, and intuition all come together inside and the artists lets it dance out through hands and fingers and reveal itself to the observers.


I do things while I’m painting that I don’t think about – I just do them… I choose colors, tools, mediums and brushes, I couldn’t begin to tell you why, except that there is something inside that takes over, I’m in the flow. I am in the moment of creativity. That to me is genuine abstract art.


Since abstract art is not based on reality, there is little to compare it to. However it can hold a very powerful impact, aesthetics and how it makes the observer feel. Viewers can appreciate the colors, images, or emotions that the artwork evokes in them. Some abstract art can even be quite ugly yet its ugliness creates a pleasure or desire in an observer.


In realistic art, painting, photography or real life, the viewer has something to compare images to so there is an understanding of the subject matter which can make it easier to understand. Realistic art can also evoke emotions.


Next time you look at artwork, whether it is an abstract or realistic piece, just relax into it and let your mind wander and let your emotions decide.


A few of my abstract artworks “in context”…