Stream of Consciousness #4 C. 2014 Grace Howl

I’m on the road between elation and decline –

Somewhere in the pasture I lost my way –

No it’s more like I’m searching for my soul –

I’m trying to decipher the map –

It’s written in human and I still haven’t figured out that language as much as I try –

I get hung up on thoughts, emotions and good and bad news –

Conversations – boy can they steer you in a different direction–


If I could only read the language –

I heard it –

I thought I captured it –

I repeated it …. but when I heard it again it didn’t have the same meaning –

And when I heard someone else say it … well it was a completely different color
You see I thought it should be red–

But it ended up green –

Yet it looked blue when I first saw it –

And now the damn thing is purple –

So I’m perplexed –


I start the engine – clouds of white smoke spew out –

I’ve decided I won’t drive anymore today –

I’ll just lay in bed watching the sun dance around the room while the cats meow and the dust collects – the bills pile up and I age another year –

I found a new map – my brain feels better now….