Stream of Consciousness #5 c. 2014

The words –

I thought them clear like water – a liquid state –

It seems they were more like rocks –

Dense, solid, hard, damaging when they hit…


The blood was running down his face – the whole in his head –

He put his finger into it to try to find the reason for his misunderstanding –

The eyes closed as if processing was easier with less information …


I know that feeling –

Sometimes I wish I only had one sense – not five –

But any sense is better than nonsense…

Jerk, this isn’t a joke –

Don’t you see I’m serious – as serious as a heart attack…


Comprehending words – mending hearts and holes –

Needles, thread, and a laundry basket –

Don’t try to iron things out … it was permanent press…


Nothing like the sticky mess left in the kitchen on the counter in plain view for all to see –

The words cut like a knife –

And everyone laughed until they were in stitches…


Head aching or throbbing –

Crying or sobbing –

Sometimes when you crash there’s nothing better than to slam your head against the wall –

At least then there’s a reason for the pain –

You know it’s insane but it’s your gain –


Just take your pills –

They’ll calm you down –

You’ll be happy –

The voices will keep you company and your mind can have a party…


Then you can live your life without regrets –

No promises necessary –

It’s really easy – trust me – I know – I’m there – where are you?