Stream of Consciousness #6 c. 2014

The silhouette of wires scared me – the bags spewing fluids, drugs, machines beeping, thumping, how can anyone be calm in this environment?


Clinically sterile you know the germs are masquerading around the room as transparent bubbles of air waiting to attach themselves to your skin, nostrils, eyeballs, hair, clothing and any orifice – hell even as you speak they are rushing into your mouth as you inhale –


We need these places – they claim to put us back together –

Sometimes what’s wrong isn’t where it shows up – too bad there isn’t a mind-reading test machine –


Stress plays its game and laughs all the way to the bank


Large… small… and everything in between


I’m feeling black and white – I don’t see gray today

Unusual – I try to be positive – too much negative news I need more sunshine –


Maybe a cuppa tea – mint or rose – to calm the spirits – whose – I’m not sure

I can’t tell if mine are irritated or just burned out or if someone dropped a bad dose of pixie-dust from the plane overhead –


Something is in the air that has caused quite a bit of strange juju in my life…


Maybe I’ll get my Barbie out and stick pins in her – then everything will be okay….

I could rub that sweet smelling sticky honey with avocado all over me – as long as I stay inside the big bear won’t get me – it might calm me down….


Shoot – who knew….

I didn’t –

didn’t have a clue….


Trying to sort things out is like diving into a murky lake or whatever –


Sometimes things are better untouched, undiscovered, unsorted…


I think it’s called life or is that the name of a TV show or Magazine or Board Game?


Doesn’t matter – I’m tired and I need a nap – my brain hurts…