Stream of Consciousness #7 c. 2014

I’m sorry I’m crying – my words got mixed up today


I meant what I meant – I said what I said –

what I meant to say is what I said and-

what I said – I meant to say –

I hope you understand …


But my shoes were so comfortable I could have walked and talked all day –


But the head started to throb from the pounding pavement reaching up to my thigh –

it took my breath away and that’s why I stopped –


I got confused – I hope you forgive me –


A little leeway – a small nap to rest my soul –

Or sole – maybe the shoes did cramp my lifestyle a bit –

but they sure did look great on the closet shelf…


How is one to know – you don’t till you try him on – if he fits – it works – if not – trade him in on a new model…


They have warranties now days – better quality control and Wal-Mart takes things back up to 90 days after your purchased it –

This is the best deal ever –

Heck, you don’t even need the receipt –

They’ll give you a store credit…


They won’t take the open can of baked beans that were left out of the fridge for a week however –

and I wouldn’t recommend eating them either –

sometimes you just have to trash things –

yep – garbage – the black bags are best – the neighbors can’t inspect it that way…


I just woke up – the sun is down – I missed it today …

But the flat tire in my head is fixed –

I put air in it this afternoon.