Stream of Consciousness #8 c. 2014

I’m having an anxiety attack – I just imagined I was going to watch the news – tonight – for the first time in 6 months –


My first thought is – where is the Lone Ranger, Batman, Robin Hood, Superman, Superwoman?

Where are our heroes? Where are the Gods? The Aliens?

Anyone to rescue us from messing up ourselves and our world….

Each other… killing… drugs… war…. crime…. hatred… and on and on and on and on….


For those who believe we are an evolving species ….

To be evolving we certainly aren’t doing much to further our current state of affairs – at least not in a forward motion –


And for those who believe and have faith in deities where are your Gods now?

Why aren’t they interfering like the stories you are fond of telling of the past when the Gods cleansed things with floods or fire and brimstone?


Maybe all the Gods and Heroes are in a big theater in the Universe somewhere out there watching us – eating popcorn, passing gas, drinking diet coke, green tea and beer, writing message in bottles – sending them out to us in pixie-dust – they are laughing at us – while we are drinking alcohol, popping pills, smoking, praying, repeating words, singing praise, erasing our memories, dying, coughing ….


When will the human race realize we are the heroes – it is up to us to create the change – it’s in our heads, hearts and minds and brains to choose how to play the game of life…


Anybody out there wanna play?